Glow Gold - Childhood Cancer Awareness Month 


September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. Every year The Isabel Baker Foundation supports the international campaign “Glow Gold September - Childhood Cancer Awareness”


The aim of this campaign is to raise much needed awareness into Childhood Cancer and The Early Signs & Symptoms. Did you know, for example, that last year Cancer Research UK channelled less than 2p from every pound into research specifically for Childhood Cancer?


Anyone can help support this campaign!


Place of work - You can display an area of early signs & symptoms cards throughout September


Buildings with outside lights - You can literally ‘light up gold’ for the month of September, or just the night of the 1st. This is easily achievable by putting gold filters (supplied by us) over your existing lights


Schools / Nurseries / Preschools - You can hold a yellow mufti day and hand out early signs and symptoms cards to parents. If you are unable to hold a mufti day but are able to hand out the cards that would also be brilliant!


**All Early Signs & Symptoms cards and Gold Filters to be supplied by The Isabel Baker Foundation**


If you feel you would be able to support the campaign by doing any of the above, please get in touch today, we look forward to hearing from you!



Isabel Goes Global 


Join our #isabelgoesglobal campaign on instagram! If you are going abroad or on holiday in the UK, get in touch and we can send you a wristband to take photos of and upload to Instagram or Facebook using the #isabelgoesglobal hashtag like the ones below. Alternatively, send the photo to us and we will upload it to our Instagram page (isabelgoesglobal).


Let's get Isabel's name all around the world!


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