Childhood Cancer is a devastating disease that affects hundreds of families per year in the UK alone. 


The Isabel Baker Foundation was set up in memory of Isabel Baker who passed away from Leukeamia eight days after her first birthday, after being diagnosed at 3 weeks.


Our mission is to support Families of Children with Cancer,


We do this by 

  • Financially supporting bereaved parents with costs associated with their child's death
  • Provide food vouchers to families in hopsital
  • Raising awareness of Childhood Cancer, as well as the Early Signs & Symptoms



Our next venture is to purchase 'Isabels Retreat'. A holiday home, to be used by families of sick and / or terminally ill children, for free all year round. Check out our fundraising page to find out how you can get involved today.

Or, donate directly to our campaign HERE.


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I have found in the past that it is very difficult to get any financial support for parents following the loss of a child . It makes such a difference to know that the Isabel Baker Foundation will consider a grant following bereavement when parents struggle to cope with their loss as well as with  trying to pay  for a funeral , household bills and not feeling able to work . A grant at this time takes some of the stress away when parents are grieving for their child. 


CLIC Sargent Social Worker

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