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Supporting families of children with cancer and other life limiting illnesses


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Childhood Cancer is a devastating disease that affects hundreds of families per year in the UK alone. 


It is our mission to support those families in ways that no other charity offer

We are dedicated to helping our cause

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dRY suits

Enabling children with central lines the chance to have a bath, play in a paddling pool or enjoy the sea


Isabel's Wishes

Providing children with terminal illnesses or life limiting illnesses, a 'Wish' to enrich their lives.


Providing support at crisis point in the form of househould appliances, food vouchers etc...



isabels retreat

We are currently fundraisng to provide a holiday home to families of children with life limiting or terminal illnesses 



The Isabel Baker Foundation

A Poem, By Carolyn - July 5th 2020


'"What is The Isabel Baker Foundation?"

Oh, you don't know?

It was set up in Isabel's memory

Five years ago,

Isabel was a dear little babe

Sad to say, I never met her,

But the sweet precious little girl

Just could not get better,

When you are next in Purewell

Look for Isabels Shop of Treasure,

Go inside and you will find

It will give you pleasure.

You will be greeted with a smile

And a cheerful hello,

From Vicky, little Isabel's Mum

"How on earth did she cope

After suffering such a blow?"

She decided the best way

Was to give other children hope.

Will you support the Foundation?

I do so hope you would,

it will be fulfilling

It will feel good.

So, go on, pick up a leaflet

And then you will understand.

You could become a volunteer,

You could lend a helping hand.


I have found in the past that it is very difficult to get any financial support for parents following the loss of a child . It makes such a difference to know that the Isabel Baker Foundation will consider a grant following bereavement when parents struggle to cope with their loss as well as with  trying to pay  for a funeral , household bills and not feeling able to work . A grant at this time takes some of the stress away when parents are grieving for their child. 


CLIC Sargent Social Worker

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